09:05-09:50Keynote: Talking to your data - Natural Language Interfaces for a schema-less world (Andre Freitas)
 09:50-10:10SESSA - Keyword-Based Entity Search through Coloured Spreading Activation (Denis Lukovnikov and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo) 
 10:10-10:30Natural Language Question Analysis for Querying Biomedical Linked Data (Thierry Hamon, Natalia Grabar and Fleur Mougin) 
 11:00-11:20Quelo Natural Language Interface: Generating queries and answer descriptions (Enrico Franconi, Claire Gardent, Isabel Juaréz-Castro and Laura Perez-Beltrachini)
 11:20-11:35Triple Pattern Variation Operations for Flexible Graph Search (Jin-Dong Kim and Kevin Bretonnel Cohen) 
 11:35-11:50Multilingual Retrieval Interface for Structured Data on the Web (Dana Dannells, Ramona Enache and Mariana Damova) 
 11:50-12:05A Non-morphological entity boundary detection approach for Korean text (Youngsik Kim, Younggyun Hahm, Dosam Hwang and Key-Sun Choi) 
 12:05-12:20On the Semantic Mapping of Schema-agnostic Queries: A Preliminary Study (Andre Freitas, João Carlos Silva and Edward Curry) 
 12:20-12:25Vote for Best Paper Award
 12:25-12:30Closing address